For God called me to do good, even if it means suffering, just as Christ suffered for me. He is my example, and I must follow in His footsteps.

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Creative and powerful

To put ourselves in “Other people’s shoes” is a common term for gaining understanding. But I love how Neil literally talks about shoes. Seeing life from other people’s perspective is powerful. Adding in the discussion about their personal shoes takes it even deeper making it more real - creative and fun.

What a great experience!

Neil as a true professional. His ability to make you feel welcomed on the show really stands out. It was a great time connecting with him. His passion for people's stories is top notch.

Love love love this podcast!

I love the authenticity, the humor and just the genuine conversation that happens on this podcast. I’ve always thought that the world is messed up because we cannot have good, quality conversations. Neil gives room for powerful conversations in this podcast. If you really want to see a difference in our world today, I would encourage you to listen to this podcast. Even when you don’t agree with the guest, just listen.

Had a great time!

I love Neil's mission for Other People's Shoes. Thankful for the opportunity to share my story on the shoe. Neil guided the conversation well and was a great host.

Entertaining and thought provoking

Neil finds the amazing guests and then asks them the powerful questions that draw out the nuggets of gold that I ponder the rest of the day. It's both entertaining and thought-provoking.

More than Me

In a society that is “me” focused, especially with social media, it’s refreshing to hear how my life intersects with others who may have a differing belief or way of living. Building bridges with other human beings involves communication -which I believe Neil does so well on this podcast! As a subscriber to Other People’s Shoes, it’s important for me as an author to glean pertinent ways of thought and ideology. I love how the OPS guests express themselves and host, Neil Matthews, creates exciting and friendly dialogue. It was also an honor to guest on this show and my experience was delightful. I’ve found that life is More than Me! YOU? Thanks OPS for doing a stellar job!


I was thrilled to be the guest on this particular podcast! Neil makes me feel so comfortable and our conversation was effortless. I felt as though we talked about life while sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. His choice of questions leads to profound highlights about my life, he navigated the storyline well. I appreciate his podcast because it challenges me to "walk in other people's shoes" first before I form an opinion about their choices.

Neil is a great guy

I really appreciate Niels thoughtful approach and the time he took to chat. I think that Neil is truly doing great things in the world and trying to help people. Thank you Neil!

Tied up in Knots?

I may not be able to literally walk in someone else’s shoes, but hearing their stories on podcasts such as, “Other People’s Shoes,” challenges me. Thanks, Neil, for utilizing your gift of communication. The show is so fresh and inspiring! I love listening on my evening walks and like learning about other people. “Other People’s Shoes” has a way of untangling the knots of stories and situations that others have experienced. Learning about their life challenges helps me to become a better person . Thanks OPS!

Walking in Christian Mayberry shoes

Walking in Christian Mayberry shoes. We had a wonderful experience today being on Neil Matthews Pod Cast (Other People’s Shoes! We found Neil to be very personable, very caring as well as professional. Christian and I are very grateful to have been given this opportunity to share our testimony! Thank you Neil and keep up the good work!!

Loved being a guest on Other People's Shoes

I absolutely loved being a guest on Neil's podcast. He is such a great host and so easy to talk with. He connects so well with his guests and audience and is making a difference in the lives of others.

Episode #178 - Gratitude for Neil and his podcast

This was a new experience for me, but Neil made me feel comfortable- Neil is a good guy and easy to talk with… I highly recommend being a guest and or listening to his podcast.


Neil made the whole experience effortless. I felt like we were talking across the table while enjoying a cup of coffee. His ability to lead me through the conversation was wonderful. He represented his audience well as he guided me through reinvent questions. I hope he'll ask me back again.

Casual, Relatable, Fun

Neil is so relational and personal. Our convo was honest and responsive to what was happening in the moment. A gracious host, Neil cultivates empathy and compassion so we truly can walk in each other's shoes a little longer.

My podcast - Choices

I greatly enjoyed my time together today and appreciated the opportunity to be on your podcast. Thank you for your advice and I hope my story continues to bring hope and encouragement to others. Thank you for helping me promote my book and my message.

Great experience

As a podcast host I know how difficult it can be to make a good conversation happen, Neil's questions helped me tell my experience and it was a blast to be able to be a guest.

Such a fun conversation!

As a guest on the show, the time flew by. That's the mark of a good conversation, which only happens when you have a good host. Thanks Neil!

Personable, energetic & easy to talk to!

I loved talking with Neil. He made me feel like an old friend. He was an excellent host, with a great sense of humor and depth of heart. Neil asked really good questions that made me think and reflect on the subject. I appreciate that he wasn’t afraid to ask hard questions, and also that he was sensitive to not press an issue or dig too deep. Definitely time well spent!

I enjoyed our talk

Thank-you for allowing others to walk in my shoes. I enjoyed our time together and you made me feel very comfortable. This was my first time being on a podcast and you made my first experience wonderful.

Sparkling Water

What a JOY to be interviewed by Neil! The interview was calm and free-flowing, even with the difficult topic of molestation and an attempted kidnapping. The listener is captivated by Neil's genuine interest in his guest, and his conversational style is like pouring sparkling water from a pitcher. Sign up and "keep in step" with Other People's Shoes!

Great experience on the podcast with Neil!

Neil asked great questions that got me telling stories I don't normally tell in interviews. That's a good host!

Great Conversation!

Talking with Neil was great. He was a well-spoken, attentive conversation partner. It was a fun time together, and I'm grateful for his work on this podcast.

Walking with Neil

It is so great to take a walk and talk with another person about important things. Neil invited me to walk with him and talk about how to help cultivate hope in ourselves and in our kids in the shadow of this hard world. He is an excellent interviewer, friendly, funny, and well-informed. He does his homework. It was a pleasure to be on OPS. ~Lori Wildenberg

Refreshing and Comfortable

I have been a guest on 15 different podcasts and have experienced a wide variety of styles when it comes to interviewers. What I appreciated most about Neil is that he gave me time to tell my story. He made me feel like my story mattered (because I truly believe it did to him). His questions were not only well timed but were set up in way that created intrigue so that people would want to hear my answer. Neil truly made it feel like we were sitting at a coffee shop having a dialogue. Being a guest on his show was both refreshing and comfortable. I would highly recommend anyone to be a guest on Other People's Shoes.

Perspective and Understanding

Understanding and perspective shifts are essential in our torn and divided country/world right now if we can ever find our way back to unity and healing. Neil is intentional in trying to hear through the ears and see through the eyes of others. Great example of encouraging people to be authentic and know we are all okay as we are, in whatever our shoe size or style is. As a listener, I've been inspired and encouraged. As a guest I felt like we were in miniostry together to bring new perspectives and understanding. Laura L. Padgett, Award-winning author, "Jesus in Shorts" and "Dolores Like the River". Host of "Livin' What You're Given" Podcast

A joy to be a guest on this show

I have been a guest on many shows, podcasts as well as radio. So I know that one never can be sure how an interview will go. Neil did a great job of asking questions and bringing a tough topic of dealing with the broken and shadowy parts of life into a light of hope and healing. He was interested in the topic and in me as a guest. It was a relaxed and authentic experience as he provided a platform for me to share my own hope and healing, which of course is the objective when attempting to reach out and help others recovering from trauma. I will recommend OPS to other people who would like to be on podcasts too as well as people who, like me, enjoy listening to good podcasts. Laura L. Padgett, Award-winning author Podcast host of "Livin' What You're Given" Podcast

Digging Deep For Our Shadow Stories

I thoroughly enjoyed being a guest on the Other People's Shoes podcast with Neil. It's was tough looking at some of the shadows that I carried for so long, but also rewarding to see where I've come as a result of those very shadows. Neil, you did an outstanding job of interviewing because you made it so conversational. And I love the concept of walking in other people's shoes. Really it's a core part of living an authentic life. Thanks Neil! Chris

Finding the Gold

Neil is a fabulous interviewer because he listens. He finds the gold hidden within your responses to ask the out of the ordinary question. The one he asked me, brought me to tears. The question and my response took our conversation deeper. Our conversation felt as if we'd known each other for years.

Great Podcast

The overall spirit of this podcast is a joyful one. I so enjoy the way Neil weaves his questions in with telling stories and giving his guests the opportunity to speak comfortably in their own story. I highly recommend this for anyone who is interested in truly thinking about what it would be like to walk with a different point of view.

A breath of fresh air!

Neil is super personable, a great host with a wonderful balance of humor and intentionality of deep questions. Truly an enjoyable podcast - take a listen and be changed and encouraged.