About Other People's Shoes


Together Neil and Garrett have produced a fresh new episode every week without fail.

God has put a burden on their heart to help the listeners get into

Other People’s Shoes and to get a different perspective on life. 

About the Hosts

Neil Matthews


Neil has always wanted to know the Why? Whenever he is speaking with anyone he wants to know what is behind their action and to know their heart. He has always wanted to be in Other People's Shoes to be able to understand where they come from, and maybe be able to help them out. Being raised in the Rogue Valley there are plenty of opportunities to touch people in his community, but Neil wanted a way to touch the world. That is when Elizabeth Neil's wife mentioned he should start a podcast, and Other People's Shoes was born.

Garrett Larghi

Executive Producer/Webmaster

Garrett Moved to the Rogue Valley from Napa Valley in 2013, but it was not until 2015 that he met Neil. As fast friends, when Garrett heard Neil was going to start a podcast he was very supportive thinking it was a great idea. As time went on Garrett asked if he could help and took over more and more behind the scenes, trying to think of ways to improve the show and keep Neil focused, earning him the title/role of Executive Producer.