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Try On These Shoes

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Sept. 28, 2019

Bonus: Grandpa Chuck

81 years young, married 57 years, 4 kids and 9 grand kids. Graduate of University of Georgia. Author, journalist, golfer...Chuck has been around the block a few times. All this and God put it on Chuck's heart to start a radio program to spread his word. Chuck shares with us some of his great story with us and why his conviction is so strong today. Chuck is also the host of It's A God Thing!" Radio Podcast which can be heard on iTunes and other platforms. Lets take a walk as we talk wi…

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Aug. 23, 2019

BONUS TWO: You Lost Me

Will, formally the christian rap artist Harmony or Harmony Hi-See, has traveled a long road. His youth was troubled until he ran from his mothers in California to his fathers home in Oregon at the age of 16. There he started going to church and turned his life around and did the Lord's work. Now at 36 he is no longer a believer. Here is Will's story of what happened in his life and his new perspective. Lets take a walk as we listen to Will and put on his size 11 shoes.

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July 20, 2019

Inside Medford Rogues Baseball

With speed, timely hitting and mixing in some powerful home runs. Medford Rogues Baseball players TreVon Dorsey Omar Ortiz, and Maxx Mahon, are players who are from 3 different parts of the United States but have come together to play summer baseball.

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July 11, 2019

BONUS: You Lost Me

You lost me...DISCLAIMER: The guests that will be featured in this season all have a connection with Church. My goal in no way is to disrespect any Church that is shared about this season. The views, thoughts, and feelings shared by guests only represent their perspective. Some of the content shared comes from this book.

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