Bonus Episodes

Sept. 28, 2019 Bonus

Bonus: Grandpa Chuck

81 years young, married 57 years, 4 kids and 9 grand kids. Graduate of University of Georgia. Author, journalist, golfer...Chuc…

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Aug. 23, 2019 Bonus

BONUS TWO: You Lost Me

Will, formally the christian rap artist Harmony or Harmony Hi-See, has traveled a long road. His youth was troubled until he ran …

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July 20, 2019 Bonus

Inside Medford Rogues Baseball

With speed, timely hitting and mixing in some powerful home runs. Medford Rogues Baseball players TreVon Dorsey Omar Ortiz, and M…

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BONUS: You Lost Me

You lost me...DISCLAIMER: The guests that will be featured in this season all have a connection with Church. My goal in no way is…

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