Behind every mask is a face, and behind that a story - Marty Rubin

Inside Medford Rogues Baseball

With speed, timely hitting and mixing in some powerful home runs. Medford Rogues Baseball players TreVon Dorsey Omar Ortiz, and Maxx Mahon, are players who are from 3 different parts of the United States but have come together to play summer baseball.

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Let’s take a walk as we listen to Tre, Omar and Maxx and put on their size 11 and larger shoes.

These three players talk from the hearts about why they play, stories behind their numbers, superstitions, and their greatest and worst moments from this season. These young men truly have the heart of the game.

On this episode we learn:
*How their walk-up songs are picked
*What their favorite parts of the Rogue Valley are
*Who they give the credit to

“You can’t always play good, but you can always look good.”

Medford Rogues Baseball Info:

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