Behind every mask is a face, and behind that a story - Marty Rubin

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Other people’s shoes

Neil is an excellent interviewer


I love how Neil welcomes so many diffrent discussions on his show! It truly gives you an in depth journey in other peoples shoes!

Authentic Podcast Alert!

Neil is the real deal. He is not a copy and paste host, he really wants to step into the perspective of others. Highly recommend!!!


Such a tearful warning touching guests and helps people understand there are others out there who gone through what them selfs have

A fan of the Sole Man!

Neil's gift of connection and empathy along with his skilled preparedness makes for fun, interactive interviews which yields great content.

Neil gave my past a voice

I’ve enjoyed all the podcasts and was honored to be on one as well. I’m thankful for all you do.

Neil is the best!

It’s amazing - Neil is a great host and this is definitely worth your time.

Great interviewer!

You can tell that this Neil guy is passionate about getting other people’s stories!

Inspiring and conversational

Neil does such an amazing job getting to the heart of his guests and the things that are important to them. His easy conversational style creates a warmth and genuine sense of wanting to understand where someone else is coming from. I have learned to broaden my perspective from listening. Thanks Neil for breaking down the doors of ignorance and indifference.

Great podcast!

Thank you, Neil! I like the tone, the topics and especially the one with Misty Philip. It was so informative. Great questions Niel, and Misty has such a wonderful testimony to share with the world! Yes, Niel, we do need to extend more grace and you are an excellent show host! I’m happy to subscribe to this podcast just wonderful!

Awesome! Real! Inspiring!

Neil is the real deal! He will draw you into the podcast room and you feel as if you are in the room with them. He loves Jesus and loves people.

Deep hearted & open-minded

Neil has a great ability to engage his guests in a way that makes it seem like he’s known them for years. Encouraging their points of view reminding us that we should open our minds to other people’s walks! Very inspiring!


Bravo! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Love the concept of being in other people’s show and hearing their perspective! Especially enjoyed the episode with the hosts Mother in Law on searching for truth!

Couldn’t stop listening

Thank you for being so vulnerable for others.

Sooooo good

Oh man.....I listened to episode 10. Suuuch an encouraging and inspiring story of perseverance, and ultimately redemption. I loved the transparency and candid conversation about the different things they’ve walked through while doing ministry, and ultimately what God has taught, and is teaching them throughout it all.

Great content!

Neil and Garrett make a great team. Neil does a great job interviewing! I loved being on this podcast.

Interesting content

Very interesting podcast!

In depth conversations

Neil can go from fun and conversational to deep and introspective ... great podcast, great people!

Been Featured

Recording one of the earlier episodes with Neil was a great experience and I’m glad that this has become something that allows people to consider external perspectives that would otherwise be foreign.

Love this guy

I hope God continues to get the glory for the beautiful work that has been done so far in this podcast, and for the beautiful work that has been done in Neil as a by-product of this podcast.

Great Host

I love this show!

This podcast addict has found her latest listen

Interesting podcast with great questions and intriguing responses. Looking forward to hearing more.

Awesome !

Neil’s putting forth his gift with Other Peoples Shoes, As he is able to connect with someone on a deeper level. Asking questions and allowing for that other person to open up about their life, experiences and struggles. Looking forward to hearing more 😊

Great podcast!

This podcast series is a nice listen! Neil has an easy to listen to voice with good questions and guests that make you want to think a little bit more. It’s a refreshing choice that helps to reinforce the idea of taking in different perspectives that help you to evaluate your own! Nice job!!


This is such a great show to listen to. Sign Dave