For God called me to do good, even if it means suffering, just as Christ suffered for me. He is my example, and I must follow in His footsteps.

Try On These Shoes

March 11, 2020

I am the...Godfather

Eric is a gracious man. Denver man, father, follower of Christ, host of The Halfway There Podcast, a podcast with everyday christians and their faith journeys. Eric has been podcasting for four years, and he knows the lay of the land. Do you want to know what the secret to his success. He shares some of his tip and tricks. Join us as we put on his size 10 and a half Clarks.

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March 4, 2020

I am a...Beloved

Have you been accused of something you never did? Has it been hard to shake even if it was proven not true? Marcus has been in a situation like that, one that eventually cost him his position. Marcus was and is a pastor in San Diego. Now he is also a podcaster, father, insightful human being and now an author. Want to know what happened and how God has lead Marcus through his trials? Join us as we put on his size 11 Sketchers.

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Feb. 26, 2020

I am a...Rapper

Jonah Kirsten Sorrentino aka KJ52 is a great guy. He grew up in an artistic home but not a musical one. Hip Hop was his way into the music industry. He shares with us where he came from, some of his regrets, some of his uphill battles and how he sees God in his life. Join us on his victory lap in a pair of size 13 shoes.

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Feb. 19, 2020

I am a...Catalyst

Meg is a mom, an author, and a podcaster. Starting her ministries at a young age she was on the church staff at the age of 17. How do you nurture yourself? Meg has looked inside and found some answers. With an amazing array of influences in her life listen in to know her unique perspective and find out what drives her. Join us as we put on her size 9 Danskos.

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Feb. 12, 2020

I am a...Cadi

Causing Accidental Death or Injury. Jennifer is a mom, a teacher, a child of God...and a CADI. What do you think it would be like to know that you had caused a person to leave this life? Come with us as we find out, with Jennifer as we walk in her shoes.

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Feb. 5, 2020

I am...Driven

Jennifer Jones is an amazing woman. At the age of ten her mother was murdered. But that is not what defines the driven woman out there today! Join us as we find out how she came out of tragedy and created her own image. Let's put on a pair of size 7's and walk in her shoes.

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Jan. 29, 2020

I am a...Servant

Andrew McArdle is the vocalist and guitarist for the Christian band The Incandescent. Idaho born and raised Andrew goes to Real Life Ministries, which is where the Community Pastor at Neil's church is from (small world). Andrew shares what it is like being in a band and a peek into being in a christian band. Listen in as he shares the power of Jesus and how He has changed his life. See what it is to walk in his size 10 Vans.

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Jan. 22, 2020

I am a...Mother

How would you cope with the death of your child? Susan Holt has had to answer this question. Her daughter Grace took her life at the age of 15. As a coach and teacher Susan had been trained to look for behaviors, but Grace did not show any. Come and find out what Susan has done, how it has changed her life and what she is doing going forward in the community. Come and try on her size 9 Nike shoes.

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Jan. 15, 2020

We are...Called

What would it be like to go on a mission? Some of you listeners have. What if you married someone you met on your mission from another country? Or what would it be like to marry a missionary from another nation? Jonni went on a mission to Africa and that is where she met Fahamu. Listen in to their tale as they explain what it was like and how the countries differ. Let’s take a walk in their size 11 shoes.

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Jan. 8, 2020

I am a...Truth Seeker

Shawn McCraney is a born again christian who was once a Mormon. His journey from leaving the Mormon church and accepting Jesus Christ has been anything but easy. Still living in Utah Shawn is an author and a Youtube content provider. Kind enough to be on our show lets listen to his story.

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Jan. 1, 2020

I am an...Author

Blended, Stella by Starlight, Out of My Mind. These are just a few of the books written by our guest. Sharon Draper is a school teacher turned author. Her plethora of experience gives her an in depth look into the psyche and mind of the main characters she creates. Please join us as she goes through her process and shares her wisdom gained throughout her life! Let's take a walk as we listen to Sharon as we put on her size 7 1⁄2 allbirds shoes.

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Dec. 25, 2019

Christmas Shoes 2019

SEASON FINALE: MERRY CHRISTMAS: With the last episode of the year Neil and Garrett exchange the gifts this year has brought to them. See how Neil is with the tables turned on him as Garrett asks him a few questions! If you want to see what it is like behind the curtain, this is one for you. Let's take a walk as we listen to Neil and Garrett and put on Neil's 50 plus shoes.

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Dec. 18, 2019

Happiness in Progress

Danielle Craig is a Emmy award winner. Host and journalist, mother of three kids, and lover of Nike's, she now is running her own podcast Happiness In Progress. She was always chasing happiness without ever catching it. Join us as Danielle explores how to fine joy in growth. Let's take a walk as we listen to Danielle and put on her size 8 Nike's.

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Dec. 11, 2019

Communication & Connection

Therapy?! There is a lot of stigma in this field. Corey loves her job and is passionate about people getting the tools for their mental health. You have physical checkups, right? Why not a mental one. Corey share a very interesting perspective on may subjects and her personal experience that got her to he passion. Let's take a walk as we listen to Corey and put on her size 7 shoes.

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Dec. 4, 2019

Nowhere To Go But UP

Sean Dustin is the host of Nowhere To Go But Up podcast. He grew up in a divorced home in the 90's. Being a latchkey kid Sean acted out and went down a path that led to drugs and prison, both state and federal. But when Sean found out he hated who he became find out how he found his way out. Come and listen to his story of how he went down and hit the bottom and how he had nowhere to go but up. On this episode we learn: *What drew him to drugs *What it is to live a life riff with crime …

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Nov. 27, 2019

The Road to Redemption

Seven kids & 42 years of marriage. Kären is an amazing woman. For the first time Kären sits down and shares her whole story. Kären beginnings were quite harsh. Kären has been victimized many times in very harsh ways. Counselors did not know what to do with her. Listen to her as she shares the road to restoration. “There is no try, only do.” Let's take a walk as we listen to Kären and put on her size 7 shoes.

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Nov. 20, 2019

Special Kids Part 2

Joey and Crystal are the parents of four children, the youngest is their only boy Josiah. Josiah is a special needs child. Josiah's story is shared from the view of Joey and Crystal as they tell of his birth and their successes. On this episode they share: *The hardest moments within the first year *The miracle of Josiah's sight *How they look at Josiah's future Let's take a walk as we listen to Joey and Crystal and put on their shoes.

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Nov. 13, 2019

Special Kids Part 1

Trina and Jason of a wonderful boy named Joel. Joel is a special needs child. Trina and Joel had to deal with doctors suggesting abortion, 3 months in the hospital with multiple surgeries after birth, and a predicted 5 year life span. Now reaching the age of 12, join us as we recount Joel grow and the trials Trina and Jason go through. On this episode they share: *The complications in pregnancy and birth *Joel's successes at school * What they hope to see for Joel in 20 years Let's …

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Nov. 6, 2019

The Ripple Effect

How involved are you in life? Do you know what is going on in your community? Have you ever been to a rotary club? Caleb is quite the busy man. A father of 2, president of SOAA, founder of Grants Pass Balloon and Kite Festival, real estate agent, Caleb still finds ways to touch his community. Listen in as we find out what make him persevere and see what you we can learn about how important it is to stay connected and move to your ambitions. On this episode we learn: *How he practiced …

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Oct. 30, 2019

Back to Square One

Do you feel like a round peg trying to fit a square hole? Dave and Jessica did. That is why their podcast has morphed into what it is today! Join us as we listen to these square pegs share their story. On this episode we learn: *What it takes to run a family of five *How to realize your boundaries *Why we must protect the yes Let’s take a walk and put on some size 8 sinukes.

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Oct. 23, 2019

Southern Oregon Runners

Today our guests are Amber and Jerry. Amber is the President of the Southern Oregon Runners Club. Jerry has logged almost 75,000 miles, that is round the world 3 times! Jerry was running well before he began logging his miles. Amber has been the President of Southern Oregon Runners for two years now. Let's listen as they share their stories of Southern Oregon Runners. Come join us as we hit the starting line.

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Oct. 16, 2019

Run For God

From Georgia, Mitch was getting into running. His love of running he shared with a deacon at his church, but then was challenged not to make his passion an Idol. From there Mitch made running his ministry. Thinking, there is a ministry for everything, Mitch went on a fruitless search for a premade book. God gave Mitch the task of creating this ministry! Join us as we here his story… Let’s take a run with Mitch as we try on his size 11 shoes.

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Oct. 9, 2019

The Real Forrest Gump

Called the Real Life Forrest Gump, Rob Pope is the first brit to run the Forrest Gump run across the country. +15,000 miles, through all kinds of weather and with all kinds of people, Rob has quite the story. Rob bumped into Neil at the Prefontaine Run in Coos Bay. Come listen as the “Doughnut King” shares his running story! Lets take a walk as we listen to Rob and put on his size 8 shoes.

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Oct. 2, 2019

Taking the DIS out of Disability

Michael is a 27 year old man who was born with Spina Bifida. Besides being a Green Bay Packers fan and a regular listener to Other People's Shoes. Despite being wheelchair bound he is a competitive archer, a musician, has a good job in a communications company, and was leader in his fraternity. One of his greatest achievements was walking the stage at his high school graduation! Michael has a powerful story about his walk in his size 10 Wide shoes.

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