Behind every mask is a face, and behind that a story - Marty Rubin

We are...Called

What would it be like to go on a mission? Some of you listeners have. What if you married someone you met on your mission from another country? Or what would it be like to marry a missionary from another nation? Jonni went on a mission to Africa and that is where she met Fahamu. Listen in to their tale as they explain what it was like and how the countries differ. Let’s take a walk in their size 11 shoes.

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Jonni went on a mission to Africa and that is where she met her husband Fahamu. They both have dedicated their lives to Christ. Listen as they tell of their journey so far and God's plans for their future.

On this episode we learn:

  1. *Their victories in their communities
  2. *How they make their marriage work when leagues apart
  3. *How God sees them through it all


Remember when you walk in Other People's shoes you get a different perspective!


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