"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

Escaping the Rabbit Hole

Tracey is an amazing woman who has walked a hard road and has come out as a paragon to those suffering with depression and bullying. She has suffered bouts of deep depression and after serious work place bullying, she fell down the rabbit hole. Join us as she talks about her climb out of the rabbit hole and the work she does now.

Let’s take a walk as we listen to Tracey and put on her size 7 shoes

Tracey is an amazing woman who after serious bouts of deep depression has climbed out of the rabbit hole. She has just finished her new book Escaping the Rabbit Hole: My Journey Through Depression. Join us as she talks about her climb to victory and the work she does now.

On this episode we learn:
*How important it is to confront bullying
*The seriousness of depression and mental disorder
*How she worked through it all and came out of the rabbit hole

“Depression is anger turned inward.”

Link to her book Escaping the Rabbit Hole
Tracey's website:

Remember when you walk in Other People's shoes you get a different perspective!

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