For God called me to do good, even if it means suffering, just as Christ suffered for me. He is my example, and I must follow in His footsteps.

Welcome to my neighborhood.

Welcome to my neighborhood.

Won't you be my neighbor? Hello Neighbor! The words from Fred Rogers or Mister Rogers as so many would call him. I recently purchased a pair of Sperry shoes like Mister Rogers wore on his show and he welcomed his audience into his neighborhood. Oh, what a beautiful day in the neighborhood it was. 

For me, the reason I bought these shoes is I wanted in some way to learn and understand from Mister Rogers. To remind me that I want a happy, joy-filled neighborhood. However, nowadays that seems like make-belief. 

As most of us including myself don't even know our neighbors. With COVID 19 that has made it a challenge for sure. However, before that, I don't think I could name more than four of my current neighbors. 

No one is to blame for this but me. I haven't taken the time to get to know them. So maybe, in some odd way by putting on these shoes I remind myself to go be a neighbor to someone today.