Other People's Shoes

A joy to be a guest on this show

I have been a guest on many shows, podcasts as well as radio. So I know that one never can be sure how an interview will go. Neil did a great job of asking questions and bringing a tough topic of dealing with the broken and shadowy parts of life into a light of hope and healing. He was interested in the topic and in me as a guest. It was a relaxed and authentic experience as he provided a platform for me to share my own hope and healing, which of course is the objective when attempting to reach out and help others recovering from trauma. I will recommend OPS to other people who would like to be on podcasts too as well as people who, like me, enjoy listening to good podcasts.

Laura L. Padgett, Award-winning author
Podcast host of "Livin' What You're Given" Podcast

Oct. 15, 2021 by Laura L. Padgett on This Website

Other People's Shoes