For God called me to do good, even if it means suffering, just as Christ suffered for me. He is my example, and I must follow in His footsteps.

Try On These Shoes

We have all searched for something right?

May 13, 2020

The Search for a Writer

Tara is a mother of two, a Canadian, and a new author. Do you want to know what a gift writing a book can be? How a book can change you? Well then start writing! Or put on some 8.5 shoes and listen in as she shares some author insights.

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May 6, 2020

The Search for Truth

Our next guest is a mother, a wife, a speaker, and a prayer warrior. But she is also Neil's mother-in-law. Christine has lived an eventful life. She has had high highs and very low lows. She was looking for acceptance, she was looking for true love. She has had it all but she has found what she was looking for in Christ. Listen to her story as we walk with her in her size 10 New Balances. Plus who else can challenge Neil on his shoe obsession?

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