Season 5: The Search Episodes

Season 5: The Search

SEASON FINAL: Search For Understanding

Aug. 26, 2020

Zaiba and Uzma are the creators of Mommying While Muslim podcast. Their dads were bachelor roommates in the '70s and grew up as family friends. They started the podcast to be able to validate and encourage other Muslim women growing in a post 9/11 world. In a free country, what struggles do some…

Season 5: The Search

The Search For Moments

Aug. 19, 2020

Autumn is a single mom of five. With four boys, including twins, and a girl between the ages of 5 and 14 she is always on the go. As an avid hiker on top of it all, Autumn is always searching for moments. Being in the military she understands that every moment is precious. Want to see how she sees …

Season 5: The Search

The Search For Caring

Aug. 12, 2020

Who is Jeff Singer? He is a traveler, an author, and is in the business of serving others. What made Jeff, a well-traveled young man, think so low of himself and his path? How did his search turn his life and perception positive? We don't want to spoil it. So come and listen as we try on a siz…

Season 5: The Search

The Search For Shoes

Aug. 5, 2020

1.5 billion people are infected with foot-borne diseases that could be prevented with shoes and shoes are the fifth most needed item by students in the U.S. Our guest this week comes to us from North Carolina. Her name is Tracie Ohonme and she is the Executive Vice President of Samaritan’s Feet. Wh…

Season 5: The Search

The Search For Encouragement

July 29, 2020

Our guest this week is an author of the book, "Be Encouraged!!!" Michael Arterberry is a dynamic motivational speaker dedicated to encouraging the younger generation. The book, "Be Encouraged!!!" consists of 250 days of motivation and encouragement. It is a great resource to give you a different p…

Season 5: The Search

The Search For The Hidden Place

July 22, 2020

Our guest this week is very dear to us. Vona Johnson is an author, a podcaster, a life coach, and a disciple of Christ. Did we mention that she has retired from public service? Living in South Dakota where a traffic jam means the whole drive takes 5 minutes, Vona still understands what is require…

Season 5: The Search

The Search For The Search

July 15, 2020

Tyler is currently in Indiana. Father of two daughters, a loving husband, and a varsity basketball coach. He is the author of Searching For Seven. Everything he does is searching for God. Can you imagine doing everything in your life for God? No? Join us as we put on a size 13 Air Jordans.

Season 5: The Search

The Search For Grace

July 8, 2020

Mother of three young men, an avid student of God’s word, one who sparked a movement. This is Misty Phillip. She is a podcast host of By His Grace and author. She is a homeschool mom, but not by choice originally. Want to know more about this Christ driven woman from Texas? Join us as we put o…

Season 5: The Search

The Search For Honor

July 1, 2020

Who is Mike? A husband and a father. But not only a father to his 2 kids, but to his sisters 2 after she passed in an auto collision. Mike is also a Marine Sargent, reaching the 5th rank up in the enlisted in his 4 years. As a child himself, he knew he would be a Marine. Want to find out what …

Season 5: The Search

The Search For A Table

June 24, 2020

Sean McCoy is a man after the heart of our show. Father, husband, brother in Christ, and friend to so many. What does he do? What we do on this show. He is the host of Come to the Table, a podcast that puts the focus on empathizing with his guest. Talk about peas in a pod. Join us as we put o…

Season 5: The Search

The Search for Guidance

June 17, 2020

Who is Tim Winders? A husband, father grandfather, minister, author, and...nomad? Tim chooses to live in a 39' RV. For a man who coaches executives, business owners, and other leaders, why does he choose to live in an RV? Listen and find out, as we try on his size 10 All Birds flip flops.

Season 5: The Search

The Search for Love

June 10, 2020

Have you heard of Rebecca Bender? She is a wife, a mother, a speaker, and an FBI consultant? Rebecca was involved in trafficking for 6 years. The worst of the 3 men who trafficked he used to say “This one has a spirit that can't be broken”. How can she trust men after what had happened to her? Coul…

Season 5: The Search

The Search for a Voice

June 3, 2020

Who is Gina DuQuenne? She has had children, worked in the hotel business, been a wedding planner, and is currently running for Ashland City Council. The greatest search in her life was getting to know herself. Confused on that? Slip-on some size 7 sandals and lets walk in Gina's shoes.

Season 5: The Search

The Search for Unicorns

May 27, 2020

Who is Heather Creekmore? She is an Author, a Podcaster, a mother of four all within five years. She is a loving wife in Texas. Who is Heather? She is an honest woman who has been on Netflix's Nailed It (and winner of bakers choice). What has she written? “Compared to Who?” a biblical look at body …

Season 5: The Search

The Search for a Role-Model

May 20, 2020

Who is Evan? Well he was in the army, left as a warrant officer. He is a pilot, father of 4, paramedic, and divorcee. What does Evan have to offer? Well at the age 15 years old his Grandfather died and that single event caused Evan started a search for something to fill that void. Check out the pat…