Season 3: Perseverance Episodes

Sept. 11, 2019

Escaping the Rabbit Hole

Tracey is an amazing woman who has walked a hard road and has come out as a paragon to those suffering with depression and bullying. She has suffered bouts of deep depression and after serious work place bullying, she fell down the rabbit hole. Join us as she talks about her climb out of the rabbit hole and the work she does now. Let’s take a walk as we listen to Tracey and put on her size 7 shoes

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Sept. 4, 2019


Heather is a woman who has persevered through much at her young age. Her husband and high school sweetheart had took his life when she was 23. Heather tells of their struggles in marriage and her walk after the tragedy. She also talks about the years afterword and the uphill battle it took to get where she is now. Let’s take a walk as we listen to her story and put on size 10s.

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